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The Collection: Stories: E. S. L. Randolph goes for a ride

This set of images taken in 1910 depict Frank Coffyn and visitor E. S. L. Randolph with an early Wright Model B. It is unknown whether all the photographs were taken before or after the flight. It is clear, however, that Randolph's visit to the flying field was an event to be remembered.

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Frank Coffyn in front of an early Wright Model B aircraft after a flight.  Inscription handwritten on reverse:"Just after a flight 2,000 high on Dec 18, '10. Simms Field Dayton O."
Frank Coffyn and E. S. L. Randolph  prior to take off in early Wright Model B.
Frank Coffyn and E.S.L. Randolph prior to take off.
Frank Coffyn (right) and E. S. L. Randolph in front of early Wright Model B.
Frank Coffyn (3rd from left), E. S. L. Randolph (2nd from left), and two men in front of early Wright Model B.

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