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Airships and Balloons in the World War II Period

Ballooning and Meteorology in the Twentieth Century

Balloons as Forerunners of Spaceflight and Exploration

Balloons in the American Civil War

Early Balloon Flight in Europe

Early Balloon Flight in the United States

Early Scientific Balloons

First Flights of the Airship

Military Use of Balloons During the Napoleonic Era

Military Use of Balloons in the Mid- and Late Nineteenth Century

Modern-Day Airships

Planetary Research

Record Balloon Flights Part II

Scientific Balloons in the Second Half of the Twentieth Century

Scientific Research in the First Part of the Twentieth Century

The Era of the Dirigible

The Race to the Stratosphere - Record Balloon Flights Part I

The Zeppelin

Vera Simons and the Da Vinci Balloon Project


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