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Images from: Rotary Flight

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Anton Flettner - Kolibri

Assault Helicopters

Bell UH-1 "Huey"

Civil and Commercial Helicopters

Early Helicopter Technology

French and British Helicopters

Heinrich Focke-Fa-61

Helicopter Development in the Early Twentieth Century

Helicopters at War

Igor Sikorsky - VS-300

Jacques Breguet - Gyroplane-Laboratoire

M.A.S.H./Medevac Helicopters

Mi-24 Hind "Krokodil"

Piasecki - The Dogship and the Flying Banana

Private Helicopters

Search and Rescue Helicopters

Sikorsky UH-60/S-60 Black Hawk Family


Soviet and Russian Helicopters

The Contributions of the Autogyro


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