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The Collection: Aircraft: Wright transitional aircraft

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Frank Coffyn and Walter Brookins at an air meet with a Wright transitional aircraft. Brookins appears to be distracted by the photographer while attending to the engine.Orville Wright (third from left) and the original exhibition team at Simms Station, Ohio.Frank Coffyn (center), Arch Hoxsey (right), and an unidentified man at an air meet, possibly Asbury Park or Belmont.
Frank Coffyn at the controls of a Wright transitional aircraft. The blurred man in background resembles Ralph Johnstone.Walter Brookins (left) and Frank Coffyn prior to takeoff on the beach, Atlantic City."The Big Wright Machine The Record Breaker for Altitude, Atlantic City."
Walter Brookins setting up Wright transitional aircraft for flight, possibly adjusting the balance of the machine on the launching dolley.Unidentified aviator working on Wright transitional aircraft, possibly tending to magneto control.Wright transitional aircraft being prepared for flight on the beach at Atlantic City, New Jersey.
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This aircraft was an interim design between the Wright model A and the Wright Model B. It featured both a canard in front and an elevator in back. Some had skid-only landing gear, others had wheels.

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