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The Collection: People

Orville Wright.Walter Brookins.Louise D. Adams.
Frank Coffyn.Kingsland Coffyn.Arch Hoxsey.
One of the most interesting aspects of the collection is the variety ofpeople represented. Coffyn and his fellow aviators dominate most of thepictures, but the collection includes numerous images of his wife, son,friends, as well as luminaries of the time.

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 • Louise D. Adams (Mrs. Frank T. Coffyn).  • Unidentified aviator.  • Griffith Brewer.  • Walter Brookins.  • William Jennings Bryan.  • Duval La Chapelle.  • Unidentified child.  • Kingsland Coffyn.  • Frank T. Coffyn.  • Unidentified Comtesse.  • Spencer Crane.  • Exhibition crowd.  • Glenn Curtiss.  • James Davis.  • Benjamin D. Foulois.  • Unidentified group.  • Charles K. Hamilton.  • Archibald Hoxsey.  • Ralph Johnstone.  • Roy Knabenshue.  • Count Jacques de Lesseps.  • Unidentified man.  • Philip O. Parmalee.  • Unidentified passenger.  • Unidentified Wright pilot.  • Augustus Post.  • E. S. L. Randolph.  • H. Roy Waite.  • Arthur Welsh.  • Unidentified woman.  • Wilbur Wright.  • Orville Wright.

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