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The Collection: Aircraft

Wright Model B in flight.Wright hydroaeroplane in flight.Curtiss pusher in construction.
Wright aircraft engine.Wright transitional aircraft in flight.Wright Model B before takeoff.
The majority of the aircraft depicted in the collection are airplanes designed and built by the Wright Company between 1909 and 1912. The range of variations in the Wright machines clearly shows the evolution of their most successful design, the Model B. There are also images from some of the Wright Company's competitors, including the Bleriot and Curtiss companies.

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 • Bleriot XI.  • Curtiss pusher.  • Unidentified Wright aircraft.  • Unknown aircraft.  • Wright 'single-plane' transitional.  • Wright 1900 glider.  • Wright 1902 glider.  • Wright Model A Flyer.  • Wright Model B.  • Wright Model B (early).  • Wright Model B hydroaeroplane.  • Wright transitional aircraft.  • Wright transitional No. 4.

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