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Coffyn's Flying Machine
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The Collection: Stories

Wright pilot in flight, Asbury Park.Frank and Kingsland Coffyn playing on the beach.Frank Coffyn and soldiers, Fort Sam Houston.
Frank Coffyn and passenger.Wright Model B in flight.Aerial view of a ship seen from a Wright Model B.
Although very few images remain pasted in the original scrapbook, thecollection appears to have been arranged into groups of images with similarsubjects, usually depicting a particular event. Several of these groups tellalmost complete stories. Others show only fragments, and pose more questionsthan they answer. For the purposes of this project the images have beenplaced in sequences that follow a logical order, but may not be the originalorder of the images in the scrapbook.

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 • Atlantic City.  • E. S. L. Randolph goes for a ride.  • Fort Sam Houston.  • Launching the Model B.  • New York, New York.  • The Dark Model B.  • The wrecked Curtiss pusher.  • Wright pilots clowning around.

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