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The Collection: People: Frank T. Coffyn

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Frank Coffyn (center), Arch Hoxsey (right), and an unidentified man at an air meet, possibly Asbury Park or Belmont.Frank Coffyn in front of an early Wright Model B aircraft after a flight.  Inscription handwritten on reverse:"Just after a flight 2,000 high on Dec 18, '10. Simms Field Dayton O."Frank Coffyn at the controls of a Wright transitional aircraft. The blurred man in background resembles Ralph Johnstone.
Walter Brookins (left) and Frank Coffyn prior to takeoff on the beach, Atlantic City.Frank Coffyn (left) and Walter Brookins at an air meet.Wright transitional aircraft being prepared for flight on the beach at Atlantic City, New Jersey.
Portrait photograph of Frank Coffyn.  Photograph has a pencilled 'X' through it, made while the picture was pasted into the scrapbook.Portrait photograph of Mr. and Mrs. Frank CoffynFrank and Kingsland Coffyn seated on a Wright Model B.
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Pioneer aviator and original member of Wright exhibition team. Born October 24, 1879, Charleston, South Carolina. Died December 10, 1960, Palo Alto, California. Coffyn was active in aviation following his time with the Wright Company, working as an Army flight instructor, getting his helicopter license in 1940, and finally working for the Hiller Helicopter Company.

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