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The Collection: Locations: Simms Station, Ohio

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Orville Wright (third from left) and the original exhibition team at Simms Station, Ohio.Frank Coffyn in front of an early Wright Model B aircraft after a flight.  Inscription handwritten on reverse:"Just after a flight 2,000 high on Dec 18, '10. Simms Field Dayton O."Postcard of Wilbur Wright, Frank Coffyn, and Duval La Chapelle inspecting Wright transitional aircraft.
Powerplant of unidentified Wright aircraft.  From left: radiator, engine, fuel tank.Postcard of Wright transitional aircraft in flight.Side view of powerplant of a Wright transitional.
Postcard depicting a Wright transitional aircraft in flight.Propeller and transmission of Wright aircraft.Walter Brookins (top), Frank Coffyn (middle), and Ralph Johnstone (bottom) on each others' shoulders.
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Site of the Wright brothers' flying experiments, 1904-1905, and site of the Wright flying school, 1910-1916.

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