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The Collection: Photographers: C. H. Detrick

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Walter Brookins (left) and Frank Coffyn prior to takeoff on the beach, Atlantic City.Walter Brookins (3rd from left), Roy Knabenshue(4th from left), and Glenn Curtiss (2nd from right)  with unidentified men at Atlantic City, New Jersey.Walter Brookins (3rd from right), Glenn Curtiss(4th from left) Frank Coffyn (5th from left), Augustus Post (6th from left) with unidentified men at Atlantic City, New Jersey.
Frank Coffyn (2nd from left), Roy Knabenshue (3rd from left), and Walter Brookins with unidentified men in front of Wright transitional aircraft in Atlantic City, New Jersey.Group photograph with Glenn Curtiss (center, right), Charles Hamilton (4th from right), Augustus Post (far right), and others in Atlantic CIty, New Jersey.Walter Brookins flying low toward boardwalk, Atlantic City, New Jersey.
Walter Brookins buzzing the beach in a Wright transitional aircraft, Atlantic City, New Jersey.Frank Coffyn and Walter Brookins setting Wright transitional aircraft on launching rail, Atlantic City, New Jersey.
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C.H. Detrick was a photographer who shot pictures of the Wright team during the International Aviation Tournament in Belmont Park, New York, October, 1910.

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