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Wright Model B surrounded by a crowd at an exhibition.Early Wright Model B at an exhibition surrounded by police and attendants.Wright transitional in flight over a crowd.
Frank Coffyn posing on an early Wright Model B.Walter Brookins and Frank Coffyn prior to takeoff in Wright transitional aircraft in Atlantic City, New Jersey.Walter Brookins flying low toward boardwalk, Atlantic City, New Jersey.
Walter Brookins in flight over Atlantic City, New Jersey.Wright transitional at base of ramp, Atlantic City, New Jersey.left to right: Frank Coffyn, Duval La Chapelle, Walter Brookins, Roy Knabenshue, Jacques de Lesseps and others at an unidentified air meet.
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The early flying exhibitions attracted huge crowds, eager to see the pilots, flying machines, and daring stunts. While the pilots were in danger of crashes, often the crowd was as well. Archibald Hoxsey actually landed in a grandstand in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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