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The Collection: People: Count Jacques de Lesseps

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Walter Brookins (left) and Count Jacques de Lesseps with an early Wright Model B.Left to right: Walter Brookins, Count Jacques de Lesseps, and Frank Coffyn at an unidentified exhibition.Postcard of Count Jacques de Lesseps and women passengers aboard a Bleriot aircraft.
William Jennings Bryan congratulating Count Jacques de Lesseps at an unidentified ceremony.Count Jacques de Lesseps (right), two men and a woman on a field.left to right: Frank Coffyn, Duval La Chapelle, Walter Brookins, Roy Knabenshue, Jacques de Lesseps and others at an unidentified air meet.
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Son of Count Ferdinand de Lesseps, builder of the Suez canal. Born in 1885, died in 1927, De Lesseps was the second man to fly the English Channel and the first man to fly over Montreal. He seems to have been quite friendly with the Wright team and won a significant prize at the International Aviation Tournament in Belmont Park, New York, 1910.

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