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The Collection: People: Roy Knabenshue

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left to right: Frank Coffyn, Duval La Chapelle, Walter Brookins, Roy Knabenshue, Jacques de Lesseps and others at an unidentified air meet.Walter Brookins (3rd from left), Roy Knabenshue (4th from left), and Glenn Curtiss (wearing inner tube life preserver) with unidentified men at Atlantic City, New Jersey.Walter Brookins (3rd from left), Roy Knabenshue(4th from left), and Glenn Curtiss (2nd from right)  with unidentified men at Atlantic City, New Jersey.
Frank Coffyn (2nd from left), Roy Knabenshue (3rd from left), and Walter Brookins with unidentified men in front of Wright transitional aircraft in Atlantic City, New Jersey.Frank Coffyn (left) and Walter Brookins (right) with Roy Knabenshue(center) outside boardwalk shed for Wright transitional aircraft.Group portrait with Walter Brookins (far right), Frank Coffyn (back row, center), Mrs. Coffyn (front row, left), Roy Knabenshue (far left), and others.
Left to right: Frank Coffyn, Walter Brookins, an unidentified man, and Roy Knabenshue with a Wright transitional aircraft, Atlantic City, New Jersey
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Pioneer balloonist, dirigible pilot, and aviator. Born July 15, 1876, Lancaster, Ohio. Died March 6, 1960, Temple City, California. Knabenshue was hired as the manager of the Wright team, and arranged many of the contracts for their appearances. He returned to promoting airships after leaving the Wrights. He maintained contact in his later years with the other early pilots, and died in relative poverty in 1960.

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