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The Collection: People: Frank T. Coffyn

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Frank Coffyn (right) and Duval La Chapelle posing in a Wright aircraft in front of tents.Frank Coffyn (right) and military passenger posing in a Model B.Two men and a woman on a field.  The man in the plaid cap may be Coffyn.
Frank Coffyn and Walter Brookins at an air meet with a Wright transitional aircraft. Brookins appears to be distracted by the photographer while attending to the engine.Orville Wright (third from left) and the original exhibition team at Simms Station, Ohio.Group of men, including Frank Coffyn (right), behind a Wright aircraft in the boardwalk airplane shed at Atlantic City.
Frank Coffyn (left) and Walter Brookins (right) with Roy Knabenshue(center) outside boardwalk shed for Wright transitional aircraft.left to right: Frank Coffyn, Duval La Chapelle, Walter Brookins, Roy Knabenshue, Jacques de Lesseps and others at an unidentified air meet.Portrait photographs of Frank Coffyn (center) and an unidentified man.
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Pioneer aviator and original member of Wright exhibition team. Born October 24, 1879, Charleston, South Carolina. Died December 10, 1960, Palo Alto, California. Coffyn was active in aviation following his time with the Wright Company, working as an Army flight instructor, getting his helicopter license in 1940, and finally working for the Hiller Helicopter Company.

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