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The Collection: Stories: Launching the Model B

This set of images shows Frank Coffyn as he and an unidentified passenger take off in a Wright Model B. The images clearly show a method for launching the Wright B.

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Frank Coffyn and passenger aboard Wright Model B.
Frank Coffyn preparing for flight in Model B with an unidentified passenger.
Preparing to launch a Model B, two men stand ready to pull the propellers through, two hold the tail boom, Coffyn stands at the front, tending to the engine, and one is seated on board.
Model B just before launch. The propellers spinning, four men hold the tail boom, Coffyn and passenger aboard.
Model B taking off, with three men in view, having just let go of the tail boom.
Model B on a flying field.
Frank Coffyn flying a Model B with a passenger.
Model B in flight over a field.

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