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The Collection: Stories: Fort Sam Houston

Frank Coffyn travelled to Fort Sam Houston in the spring of 1911 to deliver a Wright Model B to the Army. The pictures depict Coffyn in various stages of flight, as well as posing with military personnel, and relaxing with his wife and Army friends.

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Frank Coffyn aboard Model B, Fort Sam Houston, Texas.
Frank Coffyn flying a Wright Model B, Fort Sam Houston, Texas.
Frank Coffyn prior to take-off in Model B, Fort Sam Houston, Texas.
Frank Coffyn (right) and military passenger posing in a Model B.
Frank Coffyn flying a Model B, Fort Sam Houston, Texas.
Frank Coffyn in flight over Fort Sam Houston, Texas.
Frank Coffyn, his wife, and military personnel posing in front of a tent, Fort Sam Houston, Texas.
Unidentified military personel with Mrs. Frank Coffyn and an unidentified woman.
Frank Coffyn stepping away from a Model B in Fort Sam Houston, Texas.

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